Complete Biographic and Artistic Profile


parto tour eng 2What’s behind this curious and poetic name (Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti literally means TheBirth of Heavy Clouds) remains unknown : better leave all interpretations to fantasy.

Born in the early ’90s in Bologna, from Peppe Voltarelli (former vocalist) and Salvatore De Siena, Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti, recorded their first demo cd “ Guerra al Salario” (War to Wage) in 1991. When Amerigo Sirianni join the group, they release their first self-produced cd “Alisifare” (1994). Folk and rock blend in a primordial patchanka, where calabrese dialect interacts with Italian revealing myriad meanings of lyrics that are never trivial. Songs like “Raggia” and  “Sahara Consilina” open the emigrant’s poetic that will be constantly present in their future works.

The ripening of the band comes with “Sulle Ali della Mosca” (Sony/Lilium 2000), almost entirely in Italian,  they perfect turn their style into a unique and always recognizable one : rock combined with Italian songwriting.

Counting on precious collaborations of renowned artists as Neapolitan singer and composer Teresa De Sio and trumpetist Roy Paci, they make with this cd the decisive quality rise.

Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti also took part to several artistic, literary and movie experiences. A remarkable one “ROCCU U STORTU” a performance centered on the figure of soldier Rocco Sprizzi, an illiterate calabrese peasant that leaves for the front, in search of a social redemption. A dream that will vanish with the horrors of the first world war.

Il Parto delle nuvole Pesanti, always paid  great attention to the theatre and the several awards received in this field, stand as proof. One for all the one obtained at the MEI (Meeting of Independent Label) in 2002, as band who has specially dedicated its artistic work to theatre.

Again in 2002 Il Parto, flyes to the U.S.A. with a performance that combines music, poetry and cabaret, entitled “L’Apparecchio delle Bugie” (literally The Lies Device).

On September 4th, still in 2002, during the festival dedicated to the renowned calabrese songwriter Rino Gaetano, Il Parto presented a preview of  their last work made with Claudio Lolli. This encounter with the acclaimed songwriter of Bologna, gives birth to a new live cd (Ho Visto Anche degli Zingari Felici – an arranged remake of Lolli’s famous album of 1976) in April 2003, produced and distributed by Storie di Note.

From New York, to the opposing pole, Baghdad. With a Concert for Peace on November 8th , 2002, they take part to the event “UN CIELO SOPRA BAGHDAD” (A SKY ABOVE BAGHDAD) held right in Iraqui’s capital. With this participation,  they definitely embrace a strong commitment to social and civil causes.

In 2003 they engage as actors in the film  DOICHLANDA, directed by Giuseppe Gagliardi. Doichlanda is a a video document filmed during the Parto’s journey through Calabrese restaurants in Germany. A story  that talks about changes, transformations and contradictions narrated through the faces and the expressions of the immigrants.

In October 2004, they release their new cd “IL PARTO” with labe Storie di Note that sees the participation of  several Italian artists such as Claudio Lolli, Paolo Jannacci, Les Anarchistes, Marco Messina (of the band 99 Posse), and also Roy Paci, Davide Van Der Sfroos.

parto tour engIn 2005, they performed and were enthusiastically acclaimed at the most renowned Italian musical event, the 1st of May concert, that has traditionally been held for years now, in piazza San Giovanni in Rome. In this same year they take part to a series of summer concerts that will lead them up and down their country and also in Tzcheck Republic and Austria. In July 2005, on the track of their previous pacifist commitment in Baghdad, they take part to the “ MARCH for SREBRENICA” – BOSNIA , on the 10th anniversary of the genocide where, in a few hours,  more than 8.000 muslims were massacred. A human duty, of heart and of civil commitment. When music opens its wings…

From January 2006, Il Parto starts again from his last album in order to put into an artistic project the chorality that has always characterized the band and that converged in their last work. The new live project, has a bizarre title : “Parto Aperto” (which could be literally translated into Open Birth ). Indeed, a birth open to transformations and new collaborations. The historical group composed by Salvatore De Siena, Amerigo Sirianni, Mimmo Crudo with more musicians and performer, tour in Italy and Europe with this live. Other news concern  their repertoire that will include original compositions (never performed in a live show up until now) ,  old songs rearranged and new songs composed by their precious freshly arrived collaborators. The show, completely renewed, goes from vivid energetic moments to some points of great and delicate lyrism that mix with scenic and theatrical spots arising an intense emotions.

In the meantime, the band make a various artistics project: “La valigia d’identità” ( cultural project about emigration’s concept) , “SLUM” (theatrical performance about Africa), “I colori dell’abbandono” (documentary film).

In 2010, the band come back with a new album “magnagrecia” that will be presented in Europe from march. This new cd is an other evolution of the band: from “ethno-rock-songwriting” style to  “world music” style, with originals and raws sounds, ancestrals and futuristics at the same time. The songs are with more voices, in more language and in dialect. The texts deal with topical subjects: leaving of country, break up of community, loss of cultural identity, the travel’s sense, right to live or to die, environment conservation.